Arverne Resident Christian Izien Commits to Rutgers University Football

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

Arverne resident Christian Izien is on his way across the Hudson River to join the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

The Erasmus Hall Senior had an incredible high school career totaling 5 interceptions and 62 tackles as a Free Safety. Not to mention, 7 touchdowns resulting in a kick return.

Izien was offered a full scholarship to join Rutgers Football Program, formally known as the “Birthplace of College Football”. Shortly after, Izien and his team at Erasmus made the PSAL Championship Game at Yankee Stadium this past fall against Curtis High School.

Head Coach Danny Landberg of Erasmus, is known to bring big talent and scouts to his program.  Big college football coaches like Urban Myer from Ohio State, and Jim  Harbaugh of Michigan.

“To be able to help these kids get out of New York City, have an opportunity to see how life is lived outside of here, give them a free education and not to have to worry about the debt afterward, it’s one of the best things you can do,” Landberg said.

“I gave him good advice and listened, and I am proud of him.” “I think I will see him on the New York Giants or Pittsburgh Steelers.” “One final word, for parents, invests in your children and if you can, find some time and mentor a child who needs a dad,” said Edwin Williams.

“I am very excited to see him play at Rutgers being a division 1 athlete myself.”  Edwin Williams, President of Palmers Landing Homeowners Association and former Head Coach of the Rockaway Ravens.

Skys the limit for Izien as he continues his journey on the field, and in the classroom. We wish Christian Izien the best of luck and we’re sure he is a hero and inspiration to many young people in the Rockaways.

To watch some of Christian Izien’s highlights, click the following links below.

Video Credit to Hudi.

Photo by C.J Smith




Chicago Police Came to Take a Break In Arverne

By Rockaway Primetime Staff

Yes, you heard it first. Chicago P.D came to take a break from all the crime in Chicago at Arverne’s Rockaway Community Park. Now, now, we are just joking. The city of Chicago this week reported no fatal shootings in the past 7 days.


Chicago Police cruisers are seen on Almeda Avenue near Ocean Bay Houses in Arverne. Photo by Nicola Thomas-Walker

The Chicago police and EVAC are part of a T.V series called “The Good Fight”, which airs on CBS live streaming service “All Access”.

About The Good Fight

The Good Fight picks up one year after the events of the final broadcast episode of The Good Wife. In the new series, an enormous financial scam has destroyed the reputation of a young lawyer, Maia Rindell, while simultaneously wiping out her mentor and godmother Diane Lockhart’s savings. Forced out of Lockhart & Lee, they join Lucca Quinn at one of Chicago’s pre-eminent law firms. The series, from “The Good Wife” creators Robert and Michelle King, stars Christine Baranski, Cush Jumbo, Rose Leslie, Delroy Lindo, Sarah Steele, Justin Bartha, Erica Tazel, Paul Guilfoyle and Bernadette Peters.


              Chicago EVAC ambulance getting ready for its next scene of the show.  

On a positive note, it is always nice to see other big cities visit one another. Especially in Rockaway where long ago we would be left unnoticed.

Our founder of the site was born in Chicago. So, we are sure if it would be offensive to anyone, we wouldn’t get clearance to publish. We hope for a safe and record-breaking crime year in Chicago and wish for everyone’s safety in 2018.

Photos by Nicola Thomas-Walker


Pheffer Amato, Addabbo, Stringer, Shareholders call out HPD for lack of oversight in wake of deadly Mitchell-Lama Co-Op Fire.

In a press conference this morning, State Elected Officials, the NYC Comptroller, and Shareholders called out the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) for lack of oversight in ensuring annual apartment inspections within NYC Mitchell-Lama Co-op building in Rockaway Beach, Queens and are requesting that HPD conduct a full review of the mismanagement of the board of directors and the Management Company. 


Rockaway Beach, Queens- In response to a deadly fire this past Friday, January 12th, 2018, within 8800 Shore Front Parkway in Rockaway Beach, NYS Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato (D-Rockaway Beach)NYS Senator Joseph P. Addabbo (D-Howard Beach), NYC Comptroller Scott M. Stringer and Shareholders today called out the Housing Preservation Department (HPD) in a press conference for lack of oversight in providing annual apartment inspections within the Dayton Beach Park #1 Corp. (DBP), a Mitchell-Lama Housing Development Co-op responsible for overseeing 8100, 8200, 8400, 8600, 8800 Shore Front Parkway Rockaway Beach, Queens.

“As a shareholder I am terrified, as an Elected Official, I am disgusted. Something is not right.” said Pheffer Amato. “Since being elected in 2016, I have expressed concerns regarding the absence of annual apartment inspections within DBP, as well as management and board of director issues. Apartment inspections are not only necessary, but required in order to ensure the safety and quality of life for all shareholders. This fire was an incident waiting to happen.”

“There is nothing worse than a loss of human life that could have been avoided.” Addabbo said. “With the recent fire in Rockaway, if the collective voices of the buildings’ tenants were heard, a person would be alive today. The city needs to do a better job with inspections and working with management companies.”

NYC Comptroller Scott M. Stringer said, “Months ago, the Housing and Preservation Department said that inspections of this building would happen. They haven’t — and now, tragedy has struck. Had it not been for the bravery of the FDNY and NYPD, this situation could have been far worse. That inspections didn’t take place is deeply, deeply alarming. The agency must step up and ensure that all regulations are enforced, both in the Rockaways and across the city. This is about the safety of New Yorkers, and it’s about right and wrong.”

This past August, Pheffer Amato sent a letter, at the request of hundreds of constituents and shareholders, to both HPD and First Service Residential (who formerly managed the buildings until 12/31/17) expressing concerns of the absence of annual apartment inspections. In the letter Pheffer Amato stated: “According to the contract between First Service Residential and the NYC HPD, management is required to conduct and prepare the annual apartment inspections and reports. Additionally, this is a requirement by HPD as stated in the Mitchell-Lama rules.” HPD responded in a letter on August 30th, 2017 by Assistant Commissioner Julie Walpert who stated: “Please be advised that inspections will be conducted by management the third week of September”. According to residents, inspections have not commenced to date.

“I was in the lobby going back upstairs when I saw the fire trucks, firefighters were on their way up to 11P, my next door neighbor’s apartment.” said Helen Lee (Fanning) a 24 year resident of 8800 Shore Front Parkway. “My apartment is destroyed from the fire. For years, I filed complaints to management about my neighbors’ hoarding. A few years back- when called for a gas leak-FDNY couldn’t even open his door because of all the debris. I can barely remember the last time my apartment was inspected, I think it was a few years after Hurricane Sandy. This all could have been prevented if the proper precautions were taken earlier.”

As of 1/13/2018, FDNY Fire Marshals have confirmed: The cause of the fire was accidental, there was a halogen lamp in close proximity to combustibles. A 91-year-old female is deceased as a result of her injuries and smoke alarms were not present.


101st Precinct Community Council to host a meeting Wednesday concerning NYPD & Camero Driver dispute. (Watch Video)

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

This Wednesday, January 17 at 6PM will be the 101st Precinct Community Council meeting. The meeting will be located at 1821 Conaga Avenue, Far Rockaway NY.

This meeting will not be regular.  The meeting is expected to be a very important one.

This past weekend a disturbing video posted on Facebook Live consisting of a plainclothes officer and a civilian getting into a nasty exchange over a missing signal.

What appears in the video below is over 15 officers arrived at the disappointed driver in a Chevy White Camero. The officers make their way to confront why the driver did not signal and asking for his license and registration of the vehicle.

The video can be viewed at the link below. Viewers discretion is advised.


The 101st Precinct Community Council left this statement to Rockaway Primetime Reporting concerning the video.


The incident was taken place near the Car Wash off of Mott Avenue and Beach Channel Drive.

The condition of the Camero driver is unknown at this time.

Rockaway Primetime Reporting will air live Wednesday the outcome of the meeting. Stay tuned!

Hammels has portable boilers; why not Redfern?

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

As we all are aware of the ongoing heat and hot water problem at Redfern Housing Complex.

The boiler system as reported by several residents of the complex has been leaking and freezing up. Crews were sent out to repair it for the last couple of days. Unfortunately, the boiler continues to break down, and heat and hot water continue to be nonexistent.

Some residents of Redfern say they’ve gone five days without heat and hot water.

Rockaway Primetime Reporting has observed that the Hammles housing (under NYCHA as well) has portable boilers since Sandy put into place that is able to heat buildings that lacked heat.


The photo above shows the portable boiler stationed behind 86th Street in Hammels Housing complex. 

Instead of sending a subpar plumbing crew. NYCHA perhaps should just call this company and pay for temporary portable boilers so residents do not have to freeze in this “arctic blast” and blizzard.  Link—

Temperatures in New York is projected to below normal and freezing. Windchills have been reported to be around -20 degrees by Thursday night.

Where is the Office of Emergency Management in response? We couldn’t get a callback.