Hammels has portable boilers; why not Redfern?

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

As we all are aware of the ongoing heat and hot water problem at Redfern Housing Complex.

The boiler system as reported by several residents of the complex has been leaking and freezing up. Crews were sent out to repair it for the last couple of days. Unfortunately, the boiler continues to break down, and heat and hot water continue to be nonexistent.

Some residents of Redfern say they’ve gone five days without heat and hot water.

Rockaway Primetime Reporting has observed that the Hammles housing (under NYCHA as well) has portable boilers since Sandy put into place that is able to heat buildings that lacked heat.


The photo above shows the portable boiler stationed behind 86th Street in Hammels Housing complex. 

Instead of sending a subpar plumbing crew. NYCHA perhaps should just call this company and pay for temporary portable boilers so residents do not have to freeze in this “arctic blast” and blizzard.  Link— http://www.powerhouse.com

Temperatures in New York is projected to below normal and freezing. Windchills have been reported to be around -20 degrees by Thursday night.

Where is the Office of Emergency Management in response? We couldn’t get a callback.

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