Davon Armstead Gets Full Ride to Buffalo State Football Defeating Many Battles Along The Way

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

Far Rockaway does it again!

Far Rockaway resident Davon Armstead is the second-high school athlete this year that obtained a full-ride scholarship to play college football on the big stage.

Armstead, Rockaway Ravens, and Abraham Lincoln High School athlete visited 6 different schools. Schools including Stoney Brook, Rutgers, Temple, Southern Connecticut State, Assumption College, and Buffalo State.


Buffalo State considered a Division 3 school by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). However, Armstead stated very clearly why he made his decision to commit to Buffalo State over the other schools with Division 1 programs.

When asked about his decision to commit to Buffalo State Armstead stated, “Felt like family when I arrived to visit.”

“I knew right away this would be a place I can make a difference.”

Armstead kicked off his High School career at Grand Street Campus on their Junior Varsity team.

During his first two years on the team, Armstead displayed his athleticism that left bystanders in awe. He recorded 22 catches for 444 yards and 6 touchdowns as a first-year student.

Sophomore year, it gets even better. Armstead cashes in 21 catches for 500 yards and 9 touchdowns.

With all that momentum leaving JV, Armstead was ready to move on to Varsity at Grand Street. Until unfortunate circumstances began to plague Armstead’s life.

Armstead mentioned the issues surrounding a scandal that fired one of his head coaches at Grand Street. It was so bad that Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL) had to step in and punish the football program at Grand Street.

Grand Street Campus fired controversial head coach Bruce Eugene for letting a Long Island football player use his Brooklyn address to enroll in the school. The Department of Education requires students who are not residents of New York City to pay $7,119 a year to attend public schools, according to some sources.

Nonetheless, the school had to give up an entire season. As a result, Davon Armstead deadlocked to start his Junior year of football.

That did not stop him at all! Armstead put in a transfer to Abraham Lincoln High School for another shot at continuing his football career.


“It was a setback for me”, Armstead stated. “I had to prove myself again and work harder, and I got back on the field.”

Armstead at Grand Street recorded 5 catches for 87 yards, only playing 3 games his junior season.

If you think that was a bit much, Armstead’s toughest challenge was yet to come.

Armstead was made aware during the offseason of his junior year that his little brother Jacob Armstead was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

When asked about what was it like hearing that kind of news, Armstead replied, “It was really rough, Jacob is the strongest 14-year-old you’ll ever meet.” Furthermore he stated, “I knew I could not give up on him.”

“Jacob is what kept me going when things looked down for me.” “I knew I could not give up.”

When I asked Armstead what advice you can give the others your age that is going through the same or worst, he gave resilient advice.

“When things get rough, do not give up and do not look back.” “I worked harder and harder to get where I am.”

Davon Armstead’s senior year was nothing more than incredible, including all he has been through to get to where he is at now.

During his senior year, he recorded 16 catches for 267 yards and 1 touchdown. His team even made the semi-finals the same season of the 2018 PSAL Championship. The same year Rockaway’s own Christian Izien reached the championship at his school Erasmus Hall and is also on his way to college at Rutgers on a full-ride scholarship, despite the loss to Curtis High School.

Davon Armstead is well on his way to the big stage. There is no question if he is ready or not. The hardships, dedication, and hard work, speaks for itself.

The Rockaways is with you Davon, more importantly, your brother Jacob is here to witness your journey.


View more of Davon Armstead highlights and photos down below.


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3 thoughts on “Davon Armstead Gets Full Ride to Buffalo State Football Defeating Many Battles Along The Way”

  1. That’s a fine young man you’re highlighting. Just another Far Rockaway product that left the peninsula for an opportunity. As the new head football coach at Beach Channel Educational Campus, I would say that there is an excitement here that many future athletes will choose to stay closer to home. Being a Rockaway native (and BC alumni – class of 84) I am aware of the unique factors that are at play in making a decision to play at a school off the peninsula. However there is a change coming, and that change is in our Dolphins football program. We have instilled a culture of self-reliance, responsibility, and success both on the field and in the classroom that compares favorably with any program in NYC. Our goal is to better our athletes in multiple ways and get them prepared for life after high school. I look forward to seeing many more of these fine young men in the Dolphin program.

    John Crawford
    Head Varsity Football Coach
    Beach Channel Educational Campus


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