List of Organizations That Took Pipeline Money Last Cycle

Please note: Most organizations applied and accepted the fund after the pipeline project was complete. The funds are also not used to pay organizations off for any benefits to Williams Partners.

Without further ado, the full list of all grant recipients.

Williams – a major operator of natural gas infrastructure in New York – today announced the latest recipients of the Rockaway Community Grant Program, awarding grants to 25 local organizations.

The Rockaway Community Grant program was designed to benefit the environment and local communities in which Williams operates its Transco natural gas pipeline near Rockaway, N.Y. The company has awarded nearly $900,000 since the grant program was first initiated in 2014.

FALL 2017 Grant Recipients.

 $5,800.00 to the Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department, Inc., Brooklyn, NY, for Hose Replacement

 $5,800.00 to the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, New York City, NY, for Public Space Enhancement

 $5,000.00 to the Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, NY, for Today’s Teens, Tomorrow’s Techies (T4)

 $5,000.00 to the PFC. John G. McLaughlin Post 8540 Veterans of Foreign Wars, Breezy Point, NY, for Hope 4 Heroes

 $5,000.00 to the Rockaway Development & Revitalization Corporation, Far Rockaway, NY, for the Beach 20th Street Plaza Youth Connect Initiative

 $5,000.00 to the Swim Strong Foundation, East Elmhurst, NY, for Swim Strong @Rockaway: Water Safety
and Job Readiness for Youth

 $5,000.00 to the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League, Rockaway Park, NY, for the Community Adult
Volleyball League

 $4,000.00 to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, Inc., Brooklyn, NY, for Environmental Education

 $3,700.00 to the Natural Areas Conservancy, New York, NY, for Rockaway Beach Clean Up

 $3,500.00 to the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance, Far Rockaway, NY, for Stewardship Saturdays

 $3,000.00 to 14 Sculptors Inc., Rockaway Park, NY, for On the Rock 2017: An Exhibition of Sculpture

 $3,000.00 to the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, New York City, NY, for Small Business

 $3,000.00 to the Resurf Project, Long Beach, NY, for Resurf’s “Rockaway Youth on Board” Project

 $3,000.00 to the Rockaway Youth Task Force, Inc., Far Rockaway, NY, for the Urban Farm Improvement Project

 $2,500.00 to the Giving Alternative Learners UpLifting Opportunities, Inc., Brooklyn, NY, for Drainage solutions to Therapeutic Riding facility in Howard Beach, Queens

 $2,500.00 to the New York City Audubon Society, Inc., New York, NY, for Tidal Connections

 $2,500.00 to the Queens Borough Public Library, Jamaica, NY, for Young Bosses of Queens

 $2,000.00 to the Brooklyn Hurricanes, Inc., Brooklyn, NY, for Fall Season 2017 Support

 $2,000.00 to the Rockaway Little League, Belle Harbor, NY, for Decking Project

 $2,000.00 to the Rockaway Rockies, Belle Harbor, NY, for the Youth Hockey Program

 $2,000.00 to the Rockaway Rugby Club, Rockaway Park, NY, for Rugby Field Renovation – Year 3

 $2,000.00 to the Rockaway Rugby Club, Rockaway Park, NY, for Youth Rugby Development/Safety

 $1,000.00 to the CVH: Center for Veterans Health, Arverne, NY, for Rockaway Veterans Health outreach project

 $1,000.00 to the Ocean Bay Community Development Corporation, Arverne, NY, for Health & Wellbeing for Rockaway Seniors

 $1,000.00 to PS/MS 114 Q, Rockaway Park, NY, in support of the Belle Harbor School After-School Drama Program
Can we ask for more money next time? Williams brings in 24 Billion in investment per year. Keep that in mind next cycle when you apply again.

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