Chris Matthews Vs Trump Supporter Omarosa


As we all witness on media platforms across the country, the violence that has been taking place at Donald Trump’s rallies. Donald Trump’s Omarosa defends Trump’s violent rallies on MSNBC’S Hardball by stating, “You get what’s coming to you”.

This statement has been made just 24 hours before riots and brawls broke out in two U.S cities. St. Louis, where several were arrested because of numerous accounts of assault between protesters and rally attendees. In Chicago, where Trump canceled his own event due to security concerns near the Pavilion Center, where hundreds of protesters were already planning to shut down Trump’s rally.

Was Omarosa right? Or did Chris Matthews make his point clear? Watch below and weigh in.


On Track: Goldfeder Aiming to Improve Transportation in Rockaway

By Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet

One month after conducting an exclusive interview with State Assemblyman Phillip Goldfeder, it appears the Rockaway representative has made good on his promise to address transportation issues that have plagued residents for years.

Two weeks ago, Goldfeder spoke at a legislative budget hearing in Albany, urging Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Chairman Thomas Prendergast to consider reactivating the Rockaway Beach Rail Line.

According to a published report by the Forum News Group, Goldfeder told Chairman Prendergast, “The question here is, are we looking at big ideas to improve transportation in the city? The single most valuable asset we have is a right-of-way, and this makes the Rockaway Beach Rail Line a cost-effective means of improving transportation for families not just in southern Queens and Rockaway, but also the city. Reactivation would increase intra-borough connectivity and create a direct link to JFK Airport.”

Chairmen Prendergast responded by saying that the agency has been reviewing additional resiliency and expansion opportunities, including the Rockaway line, adding that while the MTA has yet to take any concrete steps, the proposal could be a good way to expand transit.

Goldfeder also made note of the fact that transfers from the new Rockaway Ferry would be available in 2017 and asked, “Is the agency considering honoring ferry tickets or covering transfer costs?”

City officials have already announced that ferry tickets would be priced at $2.75 to match current subway and city bus fares. However, the city, state and MTA have yet to reach any agreement on allowing free transfers to MTA buses and trains.

During his appearance on Primetime Interviews, Goldfeder was asked what specific plans were in place to provide better transportation in the Rockaways. “We need to make sure that we stand together when activating the Rockaway Beach Rail Line. Whether it takes 20 or 30 years to reconstruct, we must plan now and organize so that future generations can have more effective and reliable transit,” he said.

“As far as the ferry is concerned, we have to make sure everyone has access to the ferry. I will continue to fight for the people to make sure we can get shuttles from all ends of the peninsula and make sure we can have everyone connect to other methods of transit,” Goldfeder concluded.

It looks like the Assemblyman is hard at work when it comes to transit issues, which, at least for me, confirms that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


St.Patrick’s Day Parade draws attention from everyone!

St. Patrick’s day parade kicked off with mild temperatures around forty two degrees. The parade was filled from Beach 133rd street to 98th street. Crowds of over 1,000 people from all races and cultures across the peninsula attended in good faith and solidarity.

Mayor Bill de Blasio joined the parade (he was on time) as well as Congressman Gregory Meeks, State Senator Joe Addabbo, City Councilman Eric Ulrich , Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, City Controller Scott Stringer, Public Advocate Latisha James and representatives from Assemblyman Phillip Goldfeder’s office.

Mayor De Blasio took his time speaking to the people of Rockaway about their concerns. During his speech on Beach 105th street, De Blasio mentioned the Rockaway Ferry. “The ferry will be back in Rockaway as promised by spring of 2017.” Crowds cheered at the end, as the mayor took pictures with the residents before leaving the Rockaways for the day.

Slideshow of photos at the parade.

Photos by Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet and Theresa Racine

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Follow the Money!

Ever wonder where your tax dollars go? The following link will direct you to the website where you can view how much money is being allocated to community and/or non-profit organizations in your city council member’s district. You can even examine how funds were dispersed in districts across New York City.

The fancy term used to describe these financial awards is “discretionary funds”.

Discretionary funds are defined as denoting or relating to investment funds placed with a broker or manager who has discretion to invest them on the client’s behalf. 

Have a look. The results may surprise you. 

Be on the look out for a follow-up story soon…. There’s more to it!



Primetime Interviews: City Councilman Eric Ulrich


Primetime Interviews recently met with City Councilman Eric Ulrich of the 32nd District to talk about his career, the concerns of his constituents and his long-term goals. 

Topics of discussion also included:

  • His personal hero
  • His political background
  • His accomplishments in the district
  • His response to rumors of a Mayoral bid 
Enjoy the segment, and thank you for your continued support.

Removal underway.

**** Breaking News****

~ Is It Safe To Tow Away The Boat? ~

Following yesterdays unexpected landing on the beach, investigators and the NYPD are on site as we type. The capsized vessel needs to be towed away, but first investigations are underway to ensure it is safe to remove. Rockaway Primetime Reporting was able to ask one of the “investigators” on site what was happening – to which he responded “We are now investigating the safety of removing the vessel. And looking for a contractor who is able to remove it.”

Attached are some photos taken at the Beach 56 Pl Boardwalk.


Crews preparing for the investigation



Loncke Launches Bid to Unseat Titus


Nigel Loncke believes it is time for change in Rockaway, and he intends to play a major role in the transformation. The 33-year-old hopes to challenge Michele Titus for the right to represent Assembly District 31. April will mark the representative’s 14th year in the New York State Assembly.

Rockaway Primetime recently met with Loncke and posed several questions about his campaign and decision to run for office.

When asked if there was anyone in particular that served as a source of inspiration, Loncke replied, “I was inspired by many, but the one person that sticks out is my dad.”

His father is from Guyana and his mother is from Brooklyn. He was born in the United States and noted that his parents struggled during the financial crisis of 2008. It was at that point that he realized he wanted to pursue a life in public service and change the political system. “My parents moved us from Brooklyn to give us a better life,” he said. “The move to Arverne worked out really well for me.”

At 33, Loncke realizes that some may wonder if he has enough political experience to unseat Titus. He told Rockaway Primetime that working with Robert Simmons, who served as Chief-of-Staff for Congressman Gregory Meeks, helped him understand the importance of being a public servant and the political system. “Mr. Simmons saw something in me that he liked and brought me in as a staff member. I served as Community Liaison in 2009,” stated Loncke.

In 2012, he ventured outside of the U.S. to study political systems in other countries. “I started to view politics in an entirely different light after traveling abroad. Shortly after I returned to the states, I began working on Barack Obama’s campaign,” he added. “I traveled to many different states canvassing and hosting events. I even organized the first Obama campaign bus tour in Rockaway, which gave residents an opportunity to be part of the political process.”  

Loncke also held Rockaway’s first “house party”, another term for campaign headquarters celebration, after President Obama’s 2012 victory. He described the event as a huge success and “a great experience” for Rockaway.

In the midst of working on President Obama’s campaign, Loncke returned to Rockaway to help residents affected by Superstorm Sandy. “I wanted to get back home and help. My church was flooded, but I didn’t just want to help my church. I wanted to help surrounding communities,” Loncke stated. “I helped distribute emergency materials like food, water, clothes and other items. I put Obama’s campaign on hold because I felt my community was more important.”

Later, he worked as an office manager for a Colorado-based company called Next-Gen. He was charged with the task of helping the company locate people that were interested in working in various professions, such as finance, human resources and public service. Loncke described the job as “people who cared about their community, women’s rights and climate change repeal.”

Rockaway Primetime asked Loncke if he felt the community was prepared for another Sandy and what he thought about climate change. He stated, “Climate change is real. We have to work together on this issue from a city, state, and federal level. I agree with all home-owners on the peninsula. We must protect our land with sea walls, jetties and make sure insurance companies don’t rip people off.”

When asked how he would go about getting on the ballot to challenge Titus, he said he plans to go door-to-door to speak with voters about how Titus has not adequately represented the community and how he would do a much better job. “I am going to talk to voters about the issues and about what they want, which is something that Titus has never done. Getting on the ballot is my first real challenge,” Loncke noted. He informed Rockaway Primetime that all he needs is 500 signatures to get on the ballot and that the real goal is 4,000. “Once I’m on the ballot, I will give her a good fight.”

At the end of the meeting, he indicated that he favors lowering the age requirement for voters. “The more youth we get involved, the better our chances for change. You can’t build without starting from the bottom up. We can’t have that one size fits all mentality. Make the youth feel welcomed and valued,” said Loncke. “The district serves 129,000 people, and age doesn’t matter. Things have to change, and I’m the one that will make those changes,” he concluded.


Good look for St.John’s?

A town hall meeting was called to order this evening at the St . Johns Boces Building. District Leader (and committee member) Lew Simon moderated a meeting with front table attended by St. John’s officials.

Pictured left to right Suzanne , Jerry Walsh CEO, Lew Simon, moderator;  Chris Parker, Chief Operating Officer and Del Joiner, Interim Vice President of Quality. 

The agenda included an introduction of newly appointed COO and VP of Q. Both gentleman coming from nursing and medical backgrounds.  And both excited to be a part of the team at St. John’s.

Then CEO Jerry Walsh went into explanation of the 2016 budget initiatives, which have been put in place as part of a three year plan to bring the hospital closer to its goal of financial sustainability.  Setting a strategic plan to be implemented at St. John’s was key; with six main factors.
– To improve patient experience
– To engage the community through population health initiatives
– Facility improvement (care, health, cost)
– Improve access to services
– Improve hospital safety and quality.
And finally to move toward financial sustainability.

CEO Jerry Walsh went on to explain. The DSRIP initiatives and SJEH Capital support needs.

Before taking questions from the audience, he made a request to attending local elected officials for help in bringing a city inspector to approve the elevators so they can be fully operational again. Elected official reps present were Dan Brown for QBP Melinda Katz, Sandee Doremus for Senator Addabbo, Isabella Pori for Assemblyman Goldfeder (and shortly thereafter Councilman Donovan Richards.

Questions from the audience to CEO Walsh were welcomed. He confirmed that a pediatric center at Wavecrest was not currently in the plan due to inability to get a certificate of occupancy (the proposed location is in a flood zone and not possible at this time.) When asked if he would get treated at SJEH, Walsh replied “Yes, I would. And Suzanne already has!”

Lew Simon asked about bringing back a courtesy van for patients unable to get to SJEH for appointments. There was concern from the audience in agreeance. To which Walsh replies, “Currently SJ can provide transportation for patients free and legally.” He noted in the past there was a law that prevented it but now it has changed.

Another very important question arose about whether funding has come for the Emergency Department. Both Walsh and 1199 Executive VP Steve Kramer addressed this issue. The funding has yet to come down from Department of Health, which Kramer noted has been set for release in August 2015 (and delayed multiple times since). Talks of buses from Rockaway to Albany in collaboration with 1199 were cheered on by audience.

Amidst the Q & A portion, CEO Jerry Walsh says they are working with the FDNY to bring two ambulances specifically for SJEH soon. He is also looking to build partnerships with at least 10 local nursing homes for preventive and routine care for their residents.

The meeting ended on a positive note of casual conversation amongst attendees. Next meeting date has yet to be announced.

Photos of the meeting.

Culinary Kids has their defense

This video appeared on Culinary Kids Facebook page just 48 hours after an exclusive Rockaway Primetime interview with New York State Senator Sanders, regarding his side of the story on the alleged kickback of 250,000 dollars in city funding .This is what was quoted by Culinary Kids in the video.” We are here to rebuttal all the articles and audio on us”

It appears to be a rebuttal to Sanders comments in regards to Culinary Kids allegations made in the New York Post on February 7th.

Rockaway Primetime can not confirm this video as proven to be true or false at this time.







A Primetime Interviews Exclusive: State Senator James Sanders, Jr.

 On February 11, State Senator James Sanders, Jr. met with Rockaway Primetime to discuss the allegations presented in a recent New York Post article. The article featured a non-profit Rockaway group, which claimed Sanders demanded a $250,000 kickback from a grant totaling $1.7 million.

We thank Senator Sanders for granting us this exclusive and eye-opening interview.

As usual, feel free to share your thoughts on this installment of Primetime Interviews in the comment section.



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